We are a Shipping Agency dedicated to the Attention and Provision of Logistic Solutions to the Cruise Ship Industry in Argentina.
We offer maritime services of high quality and excellence, oriented and designed exclusively to meet each of our Clients needs, and we do it with professionalism, honesty and transparency as our flag.
Our range of services includes Representations, Consultancies, Maritime Agency Services, Ship Supply Purchases and Meet Greet of Passengers and Crewmembers, among others.
Today, with more than 25 years in the industry, we strive every day to reinvent ourselves and provide innovative and flexible responses to the demands of the market, and we are proud to say that we are leaders in the Cruise Agency Sector!



Navijet is born out of the necessity of the Industry in Argentina to have a local partner that can be fully trusted to understand the Cruise Industry in detail, bringing tailor-made solutions to Cruise Ship Owners & Charters. It was also founded to fill in the absence of a strong local party that would work actively with the Public & Private Cruise Sector, which through hard work and passion, would lead to a continuous business growth by helping to develop the Country’s Infrastructure, Services & Regulations.


Being Leaders in the Cruise Agency Business in Argentina by offering top-quality Ship Representations & Services. Bringing tailor-made logistic solutions to our Clients by questioning the impossible, putting thoughts into action and making things happen.


We aim to become not only your regular Ship Agents, but also your Trusted Local Partner in Argentina.


Professional Ethics: We train our staff to achieve excellence, and we do it through our main values: responsibility, punctuality, perseverance, strong character & good-will, together with continuous training & learning. Transparency, Honesty & Integrity: These values are our flag and we make sure to expand them towards all the lines of our organization. In addition to this, we promote the highest standards of staff behavior and processes, which go beyond any code or regulation. Proactivity & Innovation: We are in a continuous search to exceed our Client’s expectations, acting proactively & creatively, and we are constantly looking for the most diverse solutions and alternatives to meet their needs.


Navijet is a team of professionals with more than 25 years of experience bringing solutions to the Cruise Industry.
Our passion for the Business and the pursuit of Excellence drive our everyday operations, and we train our Staff with these core values, so when they are in the field, they can understand our Clients’ needs and bring them the fastest and most cost-effective solutions.
We are available 24/7 to answer our clients’ requests, all our staff are Native English speakers and some of them are also fluent in Portuguese & German.

Want to be part of our staff?
Send us your CV to: administration@navijetagents.com.ar


Shipping Representation & Consulting

We are the largest & most experienced Cruise Ship Agency in Argentina, and we offer expertise & knowledge to any Company who would like to establish itself in Argentina or do business through a local representative.

Other representations
Since 2016, we are Heads of the Maritime Chamber’s Cruise Committee.
Our President, Mr. Pablo Tsolis, serves as Honorary Consul for the Republic of Malta in Argentina and represents as well the Maltese Flag.

Agency Business

We provide high-quality Agency Services and handle your ship operations responsibly and cost-effectively, making sure not only to cover our Clients’ interest, but also coordinating and covering needs of all parties in the process such as Ports, Authorities, Ground Handlers and third parties.

We act on behalf of Ship Owners, Ship Charterers, Ship Management Companies and Crew Management Companies, among others.
We take care of all the regular routine tasks of a Ship Agent, but quickly and efficiently above all.
We ensure that essential port services, ship supplies, documentation required by Authorities, transfers, etc., are timely arranged, and we provide you with real-time information on vessel movements.

Meet & Greet

We provide local crewing services to all crewmembers joining, transiting or leaving the country. We work fast to issue all clearance documentation and comply with coordination requirements received from our clients abroad, ensuring the safe entrance/exit of crewmembers to and from Argentina.
We also have a long list of hotel vendors and transport that covers all service range requirements.

Some of our main Crew services rendered:
Meet & Greet/ Assistance
Transportation (Cars, Van, Mini Vans & Buses)
VISAS & Letters of Invitations
Immigrations & Customs Formalities

Finally, we also act as intermediary between Cruise Ship - Terminal - Ground handlers to provide a fast embark - disembark - transit of Passengers on board or to board.

Logistics & Supply Chain

An assertively-planned supply chain is key to any ship voyage success.
We understand that and we offer our wide local expertise: from providing Supply Solutions to hiring a proper Ship Chandler or purchasing last-minute or hard-to-get supplies.

We also have a Spare Parts department dedicated to the delivery of Ship Spares to the ship, which is done in a smooth and timely manner.



At NAVIJET, our Quality Policy summarizes these below essential elements of our commitment to excellence, which include:

Enhancing & Expanding the definition of Ship Agent by offering Services that always meet or exceed our Clients’ expectations.
Complying with relevant local & international laws and regulations as well as our internal key procedures
Continuously challenging ourselves to improve our quality standard policy (“Zero Incident” System Management) to guarantee service safety, prevent quality incidents and eliminate mistakes or misunderstandings through the review of past operations & results.
Encouraging participation and promotion of quality responsibilities amongst all our employees and third parties through standards, education, training and coaching, supervision and effective communication.


We believe in strong and clear processes as key to Risk Management, both internally and at our clients end.

We develop tailor-made software and processes for the Agency Business, such as explanatory book of regulations fines, authorities paperwork management or exhaustive checklists, that are exclusively designed to make operations go as planned with no steps over the line or mistakes ($).


We also adhere to the Shipping Anti-Bribery Policy. We promote it internally by doing seminars on compliance with all anti-corruption laws applicable to our business operations, as well as training our Staff, Sub-agents and Brokers on industry’s professional ethics and integrity.


Every time a ship sails we send all Crew -Heads of Department- on board a short feedback test on our service. This is a 5-question sheet, where each question is to be rated: POOR | REGULAR | GOOD | VERY GOOD | EXCELLENT

Here we show you the survey results from our service rendered to over 500 Calls

How would you rate the quality of our services?


Excellent | Very Good

Are your requirements answered kindly and diligently?


Excellent | Very Good

In Emergency Situations, have you been provided with a good service and solutions?


Excellent | Very Good

Does our staff behave ethically and professionally?


Excellent | Very Good

Rate our planification of each call


Excellent | Very Good

Some comments from our Clients from Season 17/18
"Port agents Gonzalo, Pablo & Tomas are excellent and professional. They are proactive and on top of their game. Thank you!"

Chief Purser

"We thank you Navijet team for the excellent services provided. This was our first time working with this agency, and we are very fortunate to have Navijet as our agency in Argentina. All services we received through Argentinian ports were excellent. Staff is very helpful and all correspondence was done in advance, which helped us a lot to have time for proper preparations from the ship side.
We wish Navijet great success and look forward to work with them during our next season in Argentina."

Front Desk Manager

Do you have any comments you would like to add about our Agency | Service | Personnel?
"Navijet Agency & Staff has been the most "pro-active" agency I have worked with so far. The Agency (and then especially Pablo Tsolis) has been planning our operations here in Argentina for months (year) in advance - assisting with information about gangways, building platforms, arranging conveyor belts. At all times they have tried to keep improving our operation and accomplished some great improvements along the way - the list is long.
They have great knowledge of all regulations: from Pilots to Immigration and environmental aspect...- In short, outstanding service!"

Staff Captain

Do you have any suggestions for the future to be able to continue improving in our service?
"Yes, could you please manage all of the ports for our entire South American Season!!!
All the best."

HR Manager

Av. Córdoba 673, 4°B, Ciudad de Buenos Aires C1054AAF, Argentina
+54 11 4312 9152 / +54 11 4313 5528